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Cali said: How can I better embrace the "masculine?"

So, first of all, I got a jumper while shuffling which turned out to be the King of Pentacles. So I'm thinking he's trying to show me what your masculine might look like: Practical and goal-oriented, rich and powerful, that kind of thing. Anyway, here is the reading:

1. How to embrace your masculinity: King of Swords. Wow. Not what I was expecting. Honestly, I think this is trying to tell you to cut your heart out of the equation to start. Be practical, be thoughtful but don't always listen to your feelings. Feelings aren't always right, sometimes you gotta listen to your logic instead.

2. Benefits of embracing your masculinity: The Lovers. Hmmmmm. 

Regarding healing your masculine side: from the Bird Oracle, I drew the Blackbird, which represents being fearless and bold. Establish your boundaries and make sure people respect them.

So that was my reading. Hmmmmm... Yeah. Take from it what you will anyway.

My question: Ah, it's hard to phrase what I'm thinking into a question you can actually turn into a spread. So let me try this way: I've been thinking a lot about my career and what I'm meant to do, so maybe my question is "How can I find the career or job I'm meant to have?" Hopefully that's not too difficult or vague.


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